Term and Conditions of J&J Services T/A Truck Locknut

For the purposes of the below term anywhere stating Truck Locknut refers to us J&J Vehicle Maintenance Services

  • No Truck Locknut products will be sold by anyone that has not been approved or purchased from Truck Locknut.
  • No Truck Locknut products will be manufactured by anyone other than the approved and accredited manufacturer appointed by Truck Locknut.
  • No Truck Locknut products will be copied in any way whatsoever as all Truck Locknut products are protected under the Patent Law and Act as well as Design Copy Right.
  • Truck Locknut will not stand guarantee for any installation if training has not been given to anyone who does such installations.
  • No garuantee will be given to damage done to both lock nuts and key code tools, by driver fitting lock nuts without wheel stays.
  •  No guarantee can be given on the Zinc plating as any other plating it does wear off in time. And depending on what it comes in contact with this can speed the process up. Examples are and is not limit to Acid but could also be from harsh chemicals or exposure to extreme conditions.
  • All products does remain the full property until fully paid.
  • Any unpaid products can be sold, and code given/shared by another client by Truck Locknut to defer costs.
  • All codes stay property of Truck Locknut and not the client. Unique codes are provided as a service.
  • Manufacturing will STRICTLY only commence upon the payment.
  • Truck Locknut takes no responsibility for any threads manufactured incorrectly that was supplied by the client.
  • Any order that has already been started CANNOT be canceled and will be completed and will not be refunded.
  • All orders has to be done in black in white. This has to come from the authorized persons with a official email address or Whatapp messaged from the official number of the authorized persons only.
  • Due to our unique codes we do have lead-times of 2-7 working depending on the size of the order. This is NOT A STOCK ITEM.
  • Failure to adhere to these conditions could result in criminal charges to extreme measures and fitted/manufactured products/units could be confiscated from the persons or entities that purchased/acquired these Truck Locknut products from you, your family or anyone else known to you. This will be done without ANY compensation and the products may then legally be destroyed.
  • Unless we receive in writting a dispute on 1 or more of our terms, Truck Locknut will automatically accept these terms as applicable and accepted  by the client the moment the order is confirmed and manufacture has started.

Helping you keep what is yours