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Wheel Protection:

About our lock nuts:

About our coding system:

Our lock nuts are uniquely coded per client. This meaning that code will be protected even from any of our former, previous or future clients. We take our coding system very serious. All orders has to be done in writing from the company’s official email address, and by only the authorized person. This is to safeguard your code, so that no one can try and order that is not of your company or to avoid driver revenge etc.

About the patent and design of our lock nut:

We hold the patent on our lock nut as well as the design copyright. Please see below our patent and design copy right numbers. For further details and images of our actual Patent Papers, please see our section on our Patent.

About the build of our lock nut:

Our lock nuts are manufactured from EN8, and then Zinc Plated. Our lock nuts is manufactured with a coding system that is done with half moons that is moved in different pattern. The half moon also serves as a greater purpose. If you use a different shape then it creates a area for leverage. But due to our half moons that we use, even if they try use a screw driver or chisel etc. the moment that the force or pressure is applied the object is thrown out as it has no where to grip. The half moon naturally directs it out. our lock nut is also made with a loose rotating slinger, this is so that there is nowhere for them to grip to try and turn off. If they grab unto the slinger to try and remove it the slinger will just keep spinning loose.

Anti-theft Nut Lock Nut

Replaces your standard nut, to prevent any access, tampering or theft.

Example of uses includes but is not limited to: Gate motors; spindle wheels; power boxes; bull bars;


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