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Frequently Asked Questions:

We have compiled a list of all the most frequently asked questions:

If you have any questions that is not on the list please feel to reach out and ask and we will be very happy to assist.

  • Is the code only for my fleet or is it shared?   

 Yes, the code that we use for your company is unique to your company only.

  • Can you supply multiple codes for my fleet?  

Yes, we can provide you with multiple codes. However, there are some pro's and con's around this. Let me break the up so you can decide:


  1. Each truck will have their own unique code, so if a driver does lose a tool,      then it is merely the single code compromised and not the entire fleet.
  2. You can give full responsibility for the tools to your driver. If they loose a tool, they need to replace the lock nuts.


  1. The logistics is a nightmare, to interchange horse and trailer you will need to either give the driver 2 tools, meaning more spare tools. Alternatively,  you will also need to change the lock nut so the code are the same.
  2. The price is higher since you need 2 tools for every link.
  • How many lock nuts do you need per wheel?

   You only need one lock nut per wheel. 

  • How many tools do you need?  

You need one tool for every truck. We do strongly recommend 1 to 2 tools as a spare. Due to the unique code, if you do not have any spare tool, then if a driver does loose a tool. We will not be able to provide one immediately it will take between 2 to 5 working day.  

  • Can you use a impact drive or pipe?

    When you use the EN8 tool, then you cannot use either. This will distort your tool and you might have a very short self life. When you are using the EN19 or EN24 tool, you can use pipes and impact drives. However, like with any other nut, be mindful of cross threading. A impact drive if a nut has been cross thread will strip the thread instantly, rendering you lock nut un-useable. 


Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!