Truck Locknut              Protecting what's yours!


We started our business with the owner Jan having been in the mechanical field for many years, the one constant issue that came up was wheel theft. We had attended to many breakdowns where the wheels were stolen, both in yard and on the road. 

With this came the birth of our lock nut. Many sleepless nights, designing and working on how to make it effective based on his experience with what is needed. The size was designed to be interchangeable to the different thread sizes, while still being able to use the same key code tool. It was also done for further safety reasons, as a smaller lock nut can be removed with a pipe or socket. Jan then proceeded to have the design patented and design copy righted. 

About a year after the start of the company his daughter Letitia joined the family business and took on the endeavor to learn from Jan everything about the business so she can carry on the legacy of what Jan started. We are passionate about our products and the service we deliver.

Our idea was to create great, high-quality products at reasonable prices. We strive to give our clients a peace of mind, knowing that their wheels are safe-guarded. 
Our idea was a great success for ourselves and our clients alike, because our business has grown continuously in recent years. Expanding to thousands of clients across not just South Africa, but also abroad. 


Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to help you. You can contact us on the numbers or emails below.